Customer Service

In an effort to follow up with your Ovation email inquiry as accurately and efficiently as possible, we kindly request that you include your country of residence along with your question.

If you need customer service for your product, please visit our warranty information center.

If you need to speak to an Ovation representative, you can email us at:

or call:

USA-made ONLY Ovation guitars, please call the factory at 860-379-7575, press 3 for Service
NON-USA made Ovation and Applause guitars, please call KMC Music Inc. at 800-813-1634, Ext 333

For information on the value of your Ovation guitar, please see our FAQs page.

The customer service and warranty information listed on this web site applies to the United States customers only. For customers outside of the United States, please contact your Ovation distributor.

As part of our commitment to improve design and quality of our instruments, Ovation Guitars reserves the right to change pricing and specifications without notice